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Talkback 84

Lightweight and Nimble for Predawn Laps to Multi-day Tours.

  • 118/84/105
  • 16m @ 160cm
  • All-Terrain Rocker
Item# talkback-84-1819

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Description & Specs

Time spent in the mountains should be cherished, but that doesn't mean you need to move slowly. The Talkback 84's Paulownia Tour Lite core and Snophobic topsheet are the perfect pair for quick ascents on the skin track while providing the perfect flex pattern for flowing and smooth descents. K2's tip and tail grommets accompany all our touring skis to make skin to ski transitions the quickest in the industry.

Rocker Type:
All-Terrain Rocker
Core Construction:
1176g/ski @ 160cm
  • Snowphobic Topsheet
  • Tapered Tip/Tail
  • Skin Grommets



  • Touring Technology

    For over 20 years, K2 has been working with guides and athletes to build the best backcountry skis on the market. This year is no different. Our team of guides were tasked with testing and setting the stage for the Touring Series redesign. From North & South America to the Alps and Norway, these skis have seen it all.

    This year’s completely re-engineered Wayback line sets a new standard for backcountry skis; we’ve reduced ski weights significantly without sacrificing the downhill performance skiers expect from K2’s touring skis. The new Waybacks aim to inspire you to reach further and seek out your ‘best run ever’ each and every day.

  • Snowphobic Topsheet

    Hydrophobic, snow-shedding top material that helps prevent snow from sticking to the tops of your skis.

  • Skin Grommets

    Fully removable plug to accommodate K2’s pre-cut skins with a Z-clip skin attachment and can be used with K2 Shovels to build a rescue sled.

Size Chart

Women's Skis
Skier Weight Skier Height Ski Length
100+ / 45+ 4'9"+ 149+ 139+
110+ 50+ 5'0"+ 152+ 142+
120+ / 55+ 5'2"+ 153+ 146+
130+ / 59+ 5'4"+ 163+ 153+
140+ / 63+ 5'6"+ 166+ 156+
150+ / 68+ 5'8"+ 170+ 160+
160+ / 72+ 5'10"+ 173+ 163+
170+ / 77+ 6'0"+ 180+ 170+

Midsole Chart

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