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Gotta Luv It 105 TI

Power and Float for All Conditions.

  • 135/105/121
  • 16m @ 170cm
  • All-Terrain Rocker
Item# gotta-luv-it-1819
$ 699.99

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  • Sizes:
    • 156,
    • 163,
    • 170,
    • 177
  • Binding Option:
    • FLAT

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Big Mountain

  • Powder Magazine - Skier’s Choice 2019
  • Freeskier Magazine - Editor’s Pick
  • Backcountry Magazine - Gear Guide Select 2019

Description & Specs

The preferred ski of freeride athletes Amie Engerbretson and McKenna Peterson, the GottaLuvIt 105Ti is the widest ski in the women's line. Built for soft snow versatility all over the mountain, we packed the GottaLuvIt full of tech like our titanal metal laminate for precision and stiffness, BioFlex Konic core for stability and control, and NanoLite tech to shave grams and keep the ski lively and agile. The K2 GottaLuvIt is the perfect companion for those legendary early-ups and first chair days.

156, 163, 170, 177
Rocker Type:
All-Terrain Rocker
Core Construction:
1657g/ski @ 163cm
  • Nano Lite Core
  • Metal Laminate
  • Triaxial Braid
  • Bioflex Konic Core
  • Tapered Tip/Tail



  • BIOkonic Technology

    The K2 Alliance has always been at the forefront of developing the most badass women's specific skis and we've done it again with our latest collection incorporating the all-new BIOkonic Technology. The goal for the Alliance was the create a collection of skis designed from the ground up to specifically address the needs of female skiers of every level, type, and size; delivering the appropriate balance of performance attributes while maintaining accessibility for a wide group of skiers.

    Our Alliance and R&D crew have taken a Women’s First Design approach to the development of BIOkonic technology. The concept is simple, taking the BIOlogical approach to how women ski. It doesn’t mean just taking a men’s ski and moving the mounting point forward; it’s a holistic approach to the overall design of the ski, matching the shape, flex profile and material distribution to the needs of female skiers. Moreover, BIOkonic technology allows us to optimize these attributes throughout all sizes of each model, ensuring that all women can benefit from BIOkonic. We are taking it back to basics and delivering on what women want; an energetic and consistent feel coupled with performance and precision to ensure the ultimate skiing experience.

  • Nanolite Konic Technology

    K2 Konic Technology with Nanolite utilizes an ultra lightweight, low-density aerospace grade composite core that runs through the center and extremities of the ski, reinforced with dense wood core and metal laminates along the edges. The result is a lite, lively and powerful ski for on and off-trail skiing that retains a large sweet spot.

  • Metal Laminate Construction

    A metal laminate construction, denoted with “Ti” in the name, uses a sheet of Titanal above and below the core to give the ski a damp, precise and accurate feel.

  • Triaxally Braided Construction

    K2’s patented Triaxial braiding process interlocks strands of fiberglass around a profiled core for increased torsional stiffness while retaining the lively flex patterns inherent in a wood cored ski.

  • Bioflex Konic Technology

    Women's specific core integrated into the Konic Technology design, with a Bioflex (Aspen and Paulownia) wood along the perimeter of the ski and Nanolight composite through the center for reduced swing weight with a smooth flex profile. A 5% reduction in overall weight vs a tradition core yields a 15% reduction in swing weight.

Size Chart

Women's Skis
Skier Weight Skier Height Ski Length
100+ / 45+ 4'9"+ 149+ 139+
110+ 50+ 5'0"+ 152+ 142+
120+ / 55+ 5'2"+ 153+ 146+
130+ / 59+ 5'4"+ 163+ 153+
140+ / 63+ 5'6"+ 166+ 156+
150+ / 68+ 5'8"+ 170+ 160+
160+ / 72+ 5'10"+ 173+ 163+
170+ / 77+ 6'0"+ 180+ 170+

Midsole Chart

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