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Masters of the Carve

K2 Performers Masters of Carve

K2 wants you - Masters of the Carve!

Cannot wait for your season pass to arrive each fall? The lift operator knows you by your first name and seeing you means overtime for him? Well then, you have come to the right place! Try out for the K2 Performers Team and get access to lots of cool K2 Stuff and Benefits. Don’t miss out!

Born to perform!

We are looking for a team of like-minded individuals. You were all “born to perform” in different ways and have one very important thing in common: your love for snow-covered mountains knows no bounds. Hitting the slopes is a way of life and you love to show it. It’s the same for us at K2. Don’t hesitate. Become a Master of the Carve!

Europeans Only?

K2 Performers is currently a European-only team.

Stay connected on Instagram or Facebook no matter where you are for your own chance to win Limited Edition Products, get Exclusive Promos, and more.

Benefits for all K2 Performers

  • Like-minded Team Members
  • Limited Team Edition Products
  • Exclusive Events
  • Special Discounts
  • Become part of the K2 Family
  • & so much more

What do we expect from you as a K2 Performers Member

  • Have fun using our products
  • Connect and socialize with the rest of the K2 Performers Team
  • Give feedback and tell us future ideas
  • Support our brand whenever and wherever possible